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We inform our potential partners and contractors about any procurement of equipment, spare parts, materials and services, etc.
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This website informs potential partners and vendors about the purchase of equipment, spares, materials, services etc.

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Dear contractors and bidders!

From 1 July 2022, Polyus no longer uses SAP ARIBA for procurement and non-liquid inventories sale procedures. CRM is now used for these procedures. The latest list of procedures can be found in the Purchases and Liquid Assets sections.

Please note that you need to upload your bids on the website (instructions for using CRM can be found here). For any questions, please contact the Company manager indicated in the specific tender procedure.

If you have any technical questions about CRM, please contact crm_support@polyus.com.


 Dear bidders,

All procurement procedures are processes established by the Company for selecting a business (legal entity or sole proprietor) in order to negotiate on material and other contract terms for further contracting.

Procurement procedures are not an auction and are not subject to Articles 447–449 of the Russian Civil Code. Such procedures are neither a public competition nor subject to Articles 1057–1061 of the Russian Civil Code, which does not thus constitute the scope of the Company’s civil obligations in relation to the mandatory conclusion of a contract with the preferred or another bidder.

The bidder shall bear all costs incurred from the preparation and submission of required documents for the procurement procedure. The Company is not liable to reimburse bidders for incurred costs and any other expenses relating to the preparation and participation in the procurement procedure (real loss) and for loss of profit, irrespective of the results of the procurement procedure.

The preferred bidder shall bear all costs related to negotiating with the Company the material and other terms and conditions of the respective contract, and the Company is not liable to reimburse the preferred bidder for incurred costs and other expenses relating to negotiations (real loss) and for loss of profit, irrespective of the results of negotiations.

If no agreement is reached regarding the terms and conditions of the contract, the Company has the right not to conclude a contract with the bidder. The Company is entitled to halt the procurement procedure, negotiations and the contract conclusion at each stage by sending a notification to the bidder or the preferred bidder or by placing an announcement on the Company’s official website. By doing so, the Company is not liable to reimburse bidders or the successful bidder for incurred costs or other expenses (real loss) or for loss of profit.

Polyus is one of the world’s largest gold mining companies and prefers manufacturers and their distribution structures when selecting the best bid for the supply of inventories. However, in the procurement categories where such an approach, for whatever reason, is not possible or is economically unviable, the Company is interested in cooperating with large, specialized trading companies that have stable relations with manufacturers, the required logistics and a sufficiently large number of clients.

In 2018, the Company’s procurement minimizes the number of general trading companies both for centralized and decentralized procurement of inventories. The Company reserves the right to be more careful with companies that are not manufacturers or their separate distribution units. Relevant information will be included in the bid invitations published on the website.

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