Polyus: Procurement

To become a materials and services supplier for Polyus, the company should:

win one or more competitive bidding procedures initiated by Polyus and qualify in the mandatory supplier qualification procedure.

To do this, the company should:

1. Consult the Ongoing tenders section of our website and the RTS-Tender e-commerce platform for information about current tenders. Study in detail the conditions for participating in each procedure of interest (specified in the attachments to the bid procedure, including in the official invitation).

2. Participate in the selected tenders in accordance with the operational procedures described in the attachments. Carefully study the documentation for each tender and pay special attention to the procedure and timeline for submitting a proposal and the requirements regarding the commercial proposal format. The official invitation to the bid gives the details of the person to contact to clarify any details.    

3. Submit the document package to Polyus for mandatory qualification (respecting the timelines specified in point 4 below). Send scanned color copies to Documentsexpert@polyus.com (maximum message size is 5 megabytes). NB: When applying for ongoing tenders, the message should indicate the reference number and title of the tender procedure as given in the bid invitation. The document package should contain:

3.1 Application form and documents as per the list.

Additional documents may be requested during qualification.

3.2. Basic supplier data for the database. .

4. Deadlines for document submission and mandatory qualification.

Unless otherwise specified in the procurement documentation, the standard approach is to submit a qualification document package (point 3.1) together with the proposal.

Polyus uses the SAP Ariba procurement management system for some procurement and implementation procedures. The procedures that are currently ongoing in the system are tagged SAP Ariba in sections Ongoing tenders and Ongoing implementation procedures. To access the procedures held by Polyus in SAP Ariba, please follow this link to register and send an application request to the person indicated as responsible for the tender of interest. More details on the SAP Ariba system are given here.

In accordance with Polyus’ current policy, no deals shall be closed with suppliers that fail to pass or undergo mandatory qualification. Therefore, in case of late submission of qualification documents by a potential supplier, the Company reserves the right not to select it as the successful bidder and not to sign a contract. 

For further clarifications or queries on the qualification procedure please do not hesitate to address the Contact person using the details in the official tender invitation.