Polyus: Procurement


How to become a vendor of inventories or services for Polyus

You need to be selected as a successful bidder in one or more tender procedures held by Polyus; in addition, you need to successfully undergo the mandatory vendor qualification procedure.

To do this, you need to:

1. Go to the Purchases section of our website to find out about ongoing tender procedures. Carefully review the information on bidding terms for each procedure that you are interested in (contained in the documents attached to the procedure, including a formal invitation).

2. Participate in the chosen tender procedures as provided for in the documents attached thereto. Carefully read the documentation for each procedure, including the bidding procedure and timelines as well as the requirements regarding the content and form of the quotations. Each procedure has a designated contact person indicated in the formal invitation who will clarify any information that you require.  

From 1 July 2022, Polyus no longer uses SAP ARIBA for procurement and non-liquid inventories sale procedures. CRM is now used for these procedures. The latest list of procedures can be found in the Purchases and Liquid Assets sections.

Please note that you need to upload your bids on the website (instructions for using CRM can be found here). For any questions, please contact the Company manager indicated in the specific tender procedure.

If you have any technical questions about CRM, please contact crm_support@polyus.com.

3. Get accreditation from Polyus’ security. The corporate policy prohibits transactions with entities that have not undergone or who failed to get mandatory accreditation. Therefore, you need to prepare and attach a package of documents in CRM for mandatory accreditation in Polyus.

The contents of the package must include:

3.1 Contractor’s application form and documents as listed.

As qualification progresses, additional documents may be required.

3.2. Contractor’s essential details to be included in the database.

For questions regarding qualification, contact the appropriate person indicated in the formal invitation for the specific tender procedure.